A 1980s shopping center at 1102 Pinemont Dr. has been reimagined into a more modern retail center, and it recently welcomed its first new tenant to the development.

Houston-based real estate firm Gulf Coast Commercial Group announced Tuesday that Unify PT has opened the doors to its 1,043-square foot space at The Common, a 38,000-square foot retail development near the intersection of Pinemont Drive and Ella Boulevard.

Situated between Acres Homes, Candlelight Plaza, the Garden Oaks/Oak Forest area and other local neighborhoods, Unify PT is a practice that will combine osteo-practic physical therapy and wellness under one roof, according to a news release.

Founded by Kimberly Sam Aing, the practice opened on Sept. 30, and its hours are by appointment. Aing, a Heights resident and doctor of physical therapy with a focus on orthopedic conditions and optimizing performance, began her career in an outpatient clinic. She conceived Unify PT with the goal of creating a more client-focused environment with targeted, one-on-one and holistic care that goes beyond the initial treatment of issues to positive lifestyle changes, according to the news release.

“Our goal is to offer all-inclusive preventative and rehabilitative care without medication or surgery,” she said.

Aing has an undergraduate degree in kinesiology from the University of Texas at Austin and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. She also got a fellowship from the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy and is certified in dry needling, spinal manipulative therapy and blood flow restriction therapy.

“I’m thrilled to launch this practice at The Common, which puts me in the center of a demographic ideal for growth, while also offering great ease of accessibility for incoming clients and home or office visits,” she said.

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